There’s always something new to love about your iPhone!

Just a quick couple of lines to share a little gem I found today. Recently, I’ve been receiving multiple missed calls from the same number (01789 243210) – and to be fair if I don’t recognise the number I often don’t answer.  Following a quick Google search, I learned that this particular delightful organisation is going to attempt to sell me some new mobile phone deal.  I’ve been told that whenever organisations actually speak to you, and confirm who you are, they then sell on your details as a hot lead for other nuisance callers to pounce on.  Whether true or not I don’t know but it’s what I’d do, laying aside morals and ethics and thinking purely on business opportunity (just to be clear I never would!)

I decided to scroll through the recent calls log on my iPhone, and for some reason decided to click on the little (i) next to the number, once on the next screen I scrolled down and to my sheer delight discovered that there is a ‘Block this caller’ option – Hallelujah!

A little perplexed as to how this would work, a few news articles and blogs later and apparently in the future when this number calls, it will never come through to my phone; they will hear one ring and then it will go to voicemail and if they did leave a message (they never do!) it will never actually come through.  Genius!

I’m calling this a victory!  Future nuisance callers beware –  I do love my iPhone 🙂