A slightly different approach to Dry January


I had every intention of writing this on January 1st – well I’m a few days late, but then I also said this time last year that I was going to write once a week in 2016.  I nailed that with a whopping one post!  So here’s to reaching greater heights in 2017!

A few days into ‘Dry January’ now but not in the traditional sense.  I don’t drink anyway so I decided to take the spirit of this annual movement and apply it to Facebook.

Facebook.  I find myself spending countless time trawling through a newsfeed that no longer provides much of anything really.  Fake news, Brexit debates, US election outrage, advertising galore – oh and the occasional photos from a distant acquaintance.

So on December 31st, i deleted the app from my iPhone, logged out from both work and personal laptops and vowed to go a month without it.  Am I missing it?  I can’t say I am, I don’t feel like there is a huge void or anything.  Having recently become a parent to the most adorable little girl, I am mindful of making sure that family time is prioritised over screen time and saw this as a good step in the right direction.  I think all of us can benefit from an occasional digital detox.

I’m hoping to use the hours this month of reclaimed Facebook time to:

  • Actually take some quiet time out to think and reflect.  This might sound obvious, but ask yourself just how often you do this – it’s few and far between these days I’m sure…
  • Read.  Be it blogs, books, inspirational articles, podcasts, TED talks (sometimes my eyes get tired)
  • Learn how to actually use the Nikon DSLR i just bought and take some amazing photos of my daughter.  Warning – if I do go back to Facebook in February, your newsfeed will be spammed with these photos.

Five days in and still going strong and I’m hopeful that Dry January can establish some ‘better’ habits and set the tone for 2017.





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