Reverse mentoring? What a good idea…..

I heard this term whilst watching a video from the Drum from their recent Digital convergence conference.  One of the key points being discussed was the struggle seasoned marketers, often in top leadership positions (CMO’s) have with modern technology and the fast paced digital shift.  Mark Cody, at Tesco Mobile shared how they have introduced ‘reverse mentoring’ into their business where the senior folk take time to sit down with the young grads, who mentor them on the latest digital trends such as Snapchat for example.

What a brilliant idea, and how great to empower the younger marketing generation that have grown up in the digital age to share their knowledge and experience with those who have been around the block a little longer.  So many organisations are crying out for something like this, as they continue to hold on to traditional methods; knowing the need to embrace digital but not knowing where to begin. I love Einsteins definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

Andy Mihalop, Industry Head at Google hits the nail on the head when suggesting that marketers need to be become, marketing technologists.  This new breed will have the ability to bridge the gap between the creativity/brand values and the big data/technology, and offer a truly customer-centric experience.

I’d like to see more and more companies implementing reverse mentoring programs; but even better, have the bravery to do something different and reap the rewards of doing so.