Tell me I can’t watch something, only makes me want to watch it even more….

Over the festive period, whilst surrounded with family that included five incredibly energetic nephews (all 8 years and under) I lost count of the times I heard ‘No, leave that alone’, ‘Stop doing that’, ‘How many times have I got to tell you….’ and all their variations; voiced in raised angry tones.  You’ll be pleased to hear that’s not my only memory this Christmas – we had a lovely time, but it dawned on me that you tell someone they can’t do or have something and it’s often met with the stubborn resolve that they want it even more.


And so it is with the movie of the moment The Interview, following the Sony hack scandal and the initial decision to cancel its release, many voiced their anger towards the censorship decision, including many prominent figures within Hollywood; calling them cowards, “Sad day for creative expression. #feareatsthesoul” as @SteveCarell put it.

The subsequent u-turn, following comments from important people including the leader of the free world, Mr Obama who applauded the decision to release it only whetted people’s appetite and determination to see it.  First you told me I couldn’t watch it, now with all the controversy around it I can – well it’s my right to be able to see it – so I’m going to!

Four days later following it’s release, and it’s grossed an impressive $15m, making it, as the BBC reported the most downloaded title of all time.

Now, call me a cynic but I can’t help but wonder if they whole thing was a ploy on Sony’s part to drive sales and revenue potential.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the threats from North Korea were real and of course should have been taken seriously but given the movie had been made in the first place, and given it’s content matter would definitely cause controversy – I wonder if Sony always had the intention to release it anyway.  The subsequent PR and media storm that followed only built it’s success.

Doesn’t seem to be available yet in the UK – I’m undecided whether I want to see it or not, but if someone tells me I can’t watch it, it does only make me want to watch it more!