Embarking on #squaredonline

So I’ve always loved to write – I think it’s one of the best ways to communicate, inspire and get a point across.  That being said, I’ve not been very diligent recently in writing, and I’m sad about that.  After leaving school, I somehow landed a job at an investment bank in Canary Wharf tower working as a management accounts assistant – whilst it paid hansomely, it was dull (no offense to the accountants) and so in order to add some excitement to the world of invoices, expenses, assets, foreign exchange I would write a series of satirical commentaries about the interesting characters in the office.  It was around the time that Big Brother had exploded on our TV screens – reality TV was fresh and innovative back then, and these often daily musings, mimicked the ‘day 29, in a Geordy accent…….’ style that soon became a hit amongst the ‘secret circle’ of email recipients.  I’m a big believer in #internalcomms, and whilst this was by no means official communication, and some of the content would probably have got me into trouble nowadays, ah the bliss and naivety of being an immature 18 year old; it brought a smile to people’s faces and was an email people looked forward to receiving.

Fast forward 11 years, I’ve ditched the numbers folk and worked in marketing for the last few years.  I’ve always liked to question the status quo, never been one to conform quietly and I think that’s why I love digital – it’s forever changing, innovating and that’s exciting.  3 weeks ago, I’d never heard of squared – I was flicking through a copy of marketing week; paper-based media is still acceptable for the digital folk I’ll have you know!  And after a quick browse of the website, a couple of YouTube videos – I’ve now reassured the digital lot I jumped at the chance, and here I am.  Squared is a digital marketing qualification from Google and after a week my mind is racing with ideas and excitement.

And so throughout the next 6 months I’m going to be sharing my thoughts, learning’s and discoveries.  The days of procrastination for this writer are over 🙂