Is Amazon making a Dash for the online grocery market?

Amazon has dabbled with the online grocery market in the US for a couple of years via it’s Amazon Fresh offering but it has yet to truly break out, with only a limited long-life product offering available in the UK.

With the internet of things, connected homes, wearable devices becoming more mainstream – the Amazon Dash Button is an interesting idea that allows you to re-order your household essentials with just the push of a button (about the size of a doorbell).  Yet another perk of being an Amazon Prime customer – so you’ll get your orders really quickly with free next day delivery!

Roll the cheesy video……

It will be interesting to see how quickly this takes off and whether it will become mainstream or just a passing fad.  But this could be a great opportunity for brands to push customer loyalty by Amazon facilitating branded re-order buttons in people’s homes.  If successful, expect a roll-out in the UK soon and I’m sure the likes of Tesco will soon provide a similar offering for Clubcard – if they manage to turn that £6.4bn loss around!