A search for truly integrated marketing solutions

Six month ago I made the decision to move from working client side to joining a leading London media agency and it’s been a really interesting transition.

One aspect I particularly enjoy is the regular meeting of media owners; many tech start-up’s with the latest in mobile, digital, and programmatic offerings.  I’m often a little cynical with some of their ideas, but occasionally you listen to one with intrigue as they showcase something they’ve created that could become the next big thing in a brands marketing arsenal.

What makes consumers tick these days?  What has the biggest influence on their purchasing decisions?  How can marketers optimise their advertising to keep up to date with constantly changing media consumption habits?

I’m always searching for the answers to these questions.

I often read with interest, columns within the marketing press that share the results for ad recall studies, or the weekly viral video chart.  For myself, most of the time I watch adverts online for the first time rather than TV.  Now that’s not to say that they haven’t been served on TV, but with catch up TV and fast forwarding through adverts I often don’t pay attention or even notice them.

I’m not alone here, and this issue is exacerbated even further with the younger generation who have known nothing but the digital age; 6 seconds is the new 30 seconds!

And so when I recently listened to wywy discuss their ad platform that looks to optimise for the multi-screening consumer by extending the reach and effectiveness of TV advertising, I was intrigued.

I won’t go into the complex algorithms, mainly because I don’t understand them but they essentially create a digital sound print of your TV advert so that they can they serve real-time, multi-device ad’s when the spot is on air.  For those who have run TV campaigns, you’ll know the schedule is subject to change, which is why the digital sound print is created to know when to kick in and serve ad’s during a 60-90 second window around the traditional 30 second TV spot.

A lot of ad’s nowadays have a digital call to action but you’ve got to be paying attention to them in order to see them.  This offering is subtle; it maxmises budgets by minimising waste and truly integrates the advertising for a seamless brand experience.

The other potential angle that I found really interesting was the opportunity to target competitor advertising.  You could serve online ad’s whilst your competitor is running their TV adverts – their substantial media investment can drive category interest, with a competitor brand then swooping in to drive potential sales and conversion with their real-time biddable ad’s.

A recent Nielsen study found that up to 50% of people are now multi-screening whilst watching TV and this number will only increase over time.  The challenge to provide truly integrated marketing campaigns is exciting and I look forward to discovering similar companies that are looking to provide the next big thing in this area.

I’d love to hear of any other companies that are pioneering in this space – please get in touch!


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